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Infantasia Previously managed with Dings Enjoyment

Infantasia Previously managed with Dings Entertainment

If you are searching for the group Infantasia that use to be managed by Dings Entertainment then please note that they now have a new group beneath the identify of The Tribute Demonstrate and are obtainable direct and are freelance to absolutely everyone wishing to guide them straight

Dings Entertainment originally signed the group recognized as the Infantasia showgroup way back in January 1997. Infantasia which was ran and managed by John Hammond of Infantasia had about twelve remarkable many years below Dings Entertainment which they will be permanently grateful for. In reality they remember their time at Dings Enjoyment with wonderful affection. Despite this, they lastly terminated their contract in November 2008 and parted firm in November 2009.

Infantasia would like to express gratitude to Dings Entertainment for their assist assistance and knowing. Twelve many years is a long time in any enterprise and at their peak Infantasia had been averaging nearly 200 dates a year through Dings Entertainment, although most of the operate came via third celebration agencies. Sadly, all very good items come to an finish and Infantasia needed to branch out into other areas. In the finish John Hammond produced fairly a great deal of other exhibits primarily based on the early concept he had invented with Infantasia. The thought was to run a amount of multi-tribute sort shows committed to distinct era and decades of time. And so The Tribute Show was born a dynamic, non-end, quick action manufacturing show without cutting any corners. The extended term aim was to consider the present into theatres around the nation.

Unlike the early days with Infantasia which was fundamentally a glorified party band. The Tribute Display invested 1000’s of pounds on costumes, Sound, lighting and production tools to grow to be one of the foremost multi tribute demonstrates in the united kingdom or even the planet.
Ahead of Infantasia partied business with Dings Entertainment their manager tried merging the two suggestions and calling the demonstrate Infantasia – The Tribute Demonstrate, but sadly with no success. At the end of the day John Hammond felt it was neither 1 thing nor the other and eventually made a decision to Portion Firm with the Dings Entertainment.

Infantasia spent twelve loyal years working exclusively for Dings Entertainment whilst a good deal of other bands had been moonlighting with extra operate on the side, though that becoming mentioned there was no hard evidence to support this. At the finish of the day Dings Entertainment caught with their remaining managed acts.

From November 2009 The Tribute Present has been entirely independent from Dings Entertainment and now trade under the name of Insound Productions Limited. Despite the fact that. They are obtainable for direct bookings and they are also obtainable through any reputable agency in the nation.
The ultimate piece of the jigsaw is that Insound Productions Constrained are now operating on a full on theatre manufacturing demonstrate with a 10 piece dwell band. This includes a 3 piece brass section, bass, drums, guitar, keyboards, dancers and singers.

Infantasia is not the identical band as it use to be as it has come a prolonged way because its humble beginnings when it was managed by Dings Enjoyment. Even so a new larger and healthier band has risen from the ashes from the foundations of The Tribute Show has come a genuinely memorable theatre show.

Infantsasia formerly managed by Dings Entertainment are now reformed underneath the name The Tribute Demonstrate and accessible direct.