New NPG Discussion board Paper Examines Past Pandemics in Relation to the Latest COVID-19 Disaster

Scaled-down Human Inhabitants and Social Distancing May possibly Be the Finest Way to Fight Infectious Sickness

ALEXANDRIA, Va., June 23, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ –The coronavirus pandemic proceeds to wreak havoc nationwide as states separately direct their citizens toward a safe and practical re-opening course of action. A new Discussion board paper, launched by Unfavorable Population Growth, Inc., titled Coronavirus and Human Inhabitants Development, asks readers to consider an different point of view on why the virus transferred from wildlife to people. Author Edwin S. Rubenstein implies that COVID-19 was triggered by human activity. Rubenstein begins his do the job stating: “The coronavirus pandemic is a human tragedy that could eliminate tens of millions prior to jogging its program.” He immediately discusses the broadly accepted perception that the virus was transmitted to individuals by wild animals, precisely, bats, drawing on the historical past of other lethal viruses that were also activated by human-animal make contact with to zero-in on the accurate cause of the virus: human action. Rubenstein posits that COVID-19 has anthropogenic origins and delivers some stunning numbers to relay his stage, declaring: “There are now more than 7.8 billion men and women on the world the U.N. predicts the inhabitants will reach 9.8 billion by 2050 and 11.2 billion by 2100 at the existing growth fees. The unchecked expansion into new habitats is bringing individuals into make contact with with wildlife pathogens from which we have no immunity.”

In discussing the sluggish disorganized reaction to the coronavirus by world leaders, Rubenstein touches on the deficiency of motion following the September 2019 report on pandemic preparedness issued by The Earth Lender and Environment Health and fitness Corporation. Masking the various degrees of reaction by international locations about the entire world, Rubenstein surmises: “There is no single rationale why some destinations are strike difficult and others skipped. A country’s regular age, racial composition, culture, weather, testing price – and luck – all influence the variety of fatalities from this virus. But the a person overarching component is inhabitants sizing and density.”

Rubenstein then spotlights inhabitants density in link to the unfold of disorder, noting: “Human beings seldom appear into make contact with with wildlife, so, in concept, these pathogens should not pose a lot risk to men and women. But the pathogens can leap from wildlife to people by very first infecting animals that human beings do appear into get in touch with with, like domestic pigs. The url demands that individuals, their domesticated food items animals, and wildlife, all reside in near proximity, these types of as takes place when burgeoning populations press persons into parts wherever people rarely, if at any time, ventured.” Yet another element is the affect of genetically modifying livestock. Highlighting the concern, Rubenstein points out: “To make matters even worse, choice for specific genes in farmed animals (for attractive features like significant chicken breasts) makes these animals genetically equivalent. That tends to make it easy for a virus to distribute from animal to animal without the need of encountering any genetic variants that may well cease it in its tracks.”

Distinguishing what helps make COVID-19 stand out in comparison to past infectious ailments that have plagued humans in current generations, Rubenstein states: “Prior to COVID-19, most of us assumed mankind had triumphed above infectious health conditions, many thanks to vaccines, antibiotics, and antiviral drugs…Turns out we weren’t shelling out awareness. Hundreds of new infectious ailments emerged in the late 20th century, most induced by viruses or micro organism that unfold from animals to people today.” Adding to that, he claims: “Human populace expansion enables this transfer by raising the likelihood that individuals experience new viruses for which they have no immunity.”

Rubenstein ends his function delivering a somber real truth: “A determined rush for COVID-19 vaccines and solutions is on. Above the prolonged run, the enhanced social distancing that accompanies a more compact human populace may possibly be our only trustworthy way of containing upcoming pandemics.”

Established in 1972, NPG is a national nonprofit membership group focused to educating the American general public and political leaders about the damaging consequences of population development. We believe that our nation is previously vastly overpopulated in phrases of the long-variety carrying capacity of its means and surroundings. NPG advocates the adoption of its Proposed National Populace Policy, with the target of finally stabilizing U.S. inhabitants at a sustainable stage – considerably reduced than today’s. We do not just establish the problems – we suggest solutions. For a lot more data, pay a visit to our internet site at, comply with us on Facebook @NegativePopulationGrowth or stick to us on Twitter @npg_org.


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